A German HQ Law | Tax Firm having 71 Experts, at 11 offices, in 8 countries - one focus area being on the Indian market.

Our mission is to support you systematically from decision making to the implementation of your business plan. We strive to realize your domestic/cross-border commercial goals, with one focus area being on India & Germany.


Our Firm’s ‘India Desk’ comprises of Legal/Tax experts, having worked in both the Indian & German markets. We combine International expertise and local insight to offer you up-to-date comprehensive advice for your Start-up/Company.

Thereby, our Firm has successfully served a diverse clientele across different sectors over the past 35 years, including in the Indo-German economic arena.



Further, our Firm’s global network (71 experts, at 11 offices, in 8 countries) enables you to connect with the right client or supplier in Europe, MENA & Asia.