The effects of the Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has profoundly impacted businesses globally. This has resulted in employers navigating challenges which are a direct (or indirect) consequence of COVID-19. Employers/Businesses, in addition to, considering measures to ensure a safe premise for its employees are also endeavouring to keep the economics-model sustainable in these rough waters.


GERMELA CORPLEGAL counsels Businesses in these rough waters, to be ready with solutions to challenges they may or likely face in their economic ventures. Our international team of Legal & Tax consultants is currently working with a number of Companies to address different probable scenarios.


Our Teams include, but are not limited to, the following services/sectors:


International Supply/Distribution/Commercial agreements: With the closure of Ports, Roads & Air-space, the industry of Freight is much affected. This has lead to a domino effect in the import/export/distribution of goods & services. As such, companies now unable to keep up to their contractual obligations are considering alternative legal remedies, to avoid compensation liabilities. Our experts assist companies at all levels of the Supply Chain, which include amendment of current contracts, negotiating challenging obligations, & recalibration of current distribution web (eg. Franchises, Dealers, & Representatives), as well as Dispute Resolution.


Employment Law: Our Employment Law experts provide Management with solution to effectively manage various probable situations for their employees, such as quarantine or layoffs.


Corporate Law: Our Corporate Law experts provide clients with sound regional/cross-border advice to their ongoing or likely disrupted transaction (M&A, Joint Venture, Business Formation, Insolvency).


Real Estate Law: Our Real Estate Law experts provide clients (be it Landlords or Tenants) with the most relevant advice pertaining to their rent and mortgage contracts (or breach thereof).


Financial Services: Our Financial experts provide clients, of all sizes, with the full know-how to optimize financial support from the Government.


Dispute Resolution: Our Litigation/Arbitration experts provide clients with sound representation at proceedings, which may result as a result of Disputes between parties (most particularly ‘Force Majeure’).


German & Indian entities which have been impacted by COVID-19 should:

• Maintain equilibrium amongst providing a safe work environment whilst continuing its business activities;

• Seek advice to ensure that they are in compliance with the laws and regulatory guidelines;

• Put in place appropriate legal measures to contain the spread of the virus.

• Review all existing/prospective contracts, recalibrate their distribution web, and prepare for potential Arbitration/Litigation proceeding(s) which may arise.


For the above, our Corona Task-Force is on standby mode (24/7) to counsel you. We can be reached at the following hotline:

T: +49. 40 284 84 04-33

M: +49.17662059526