Mobility & Automotive

The mobility/automotive sector faces fundamental changes like hardly any other industry: The constantly growing population, advancing urbanization and the finality of fossil energy confronts our society with new, unforeseen challenges. The solution of these problems not only demands innovative entrepreneurial approaches, but competent legal consulting as well.


GERMELA CORPLEGAL counsels automotive companies, research facilities and public enterprises as to all relevant legal and business issues. We are well acquainted with the needs of the industry and offer you an interdisciplinary counseling by qualified experts in various fields.

Plant Construction and Engineering

GERMELA CORPLEGAL counsels principals and contractors in the field of plant construction: As to domestic and international infrastructure projects we are well versed with all relevant contract basics, like FIDIC and VOB/B. Because of the complexity of such projects, contracts for work and labor are oftentimes not the ideal way to achieve satisfying and balanced results for the parties involved, because the energy, transportation, logistics and electro-technics and other related sectors bear many risks – not the least in case of operational breakdowns. Practical and technical comprehension – recognizing problems well in advance


Our technical comprehension and practical understanding make it possible for us to recognize and consider early on the potential pitfalls in the context of framing the contracts. Our counseling spectrum ranges from drafting and negotiating contracts in the planning stage to the support in the awarding phase to the implementation of the project and the counseling surrounding the commissioning and maintenance of the respective plants.

Renewable Energies

The future of our energy is green. This industry is investing and growing – from North Sea wind-parks to water power plants in Switzerland to solar park projects. GERMELA CORPLEGAL counsels energy business enterprises, plant manufacturers, suppliers, technology enterprises, financing banks and logistical service providers with respect to a participation at and the implementation of international energy projects.


We competently support you with regard to all respective legal and entrepreneurial questions: Our qualified experts know the needs of this industry and offer competent and interdisciplinary advice in various areas. Professional project management, financing and counseling as to legal questions We are your point of contact as to all typical legal questions – from the formation and the acquisition of project companies to negotiation of contracts, like purchase, supply, installation and maintenance agreements as well as purchase price agreements (PPA).


GERMELA CORPLEGAL also offers you advice as to questions of project management as well as to the financing of your projects. One of our focal points is solar and wind energy.

Infrastructure & Construction Projects

GERMELA CORPLEGAL supports complex construction projects and project developments with efficient practical solutions. Our interdisciplinary team commands a vast know-how in the field of infrastructure as well as a longstanding experience at realizing and financing of infrastructure projects. We consult you at the implementation of large-scale projects in industries like energy and transportation. Among our clients are banks, investors, project developers, public authorities and construction companies.


Our team pools counseling competence: We are your professional point of contact in the legal fields of procurement law, real estate law, construction law, public law as well as banking and financing law. We support you from the legal concept of the projects to structuring of and assisting with tendering and procurement procedures to reviewing and negotiating the respective project contracts as well as assessing potential legal risks.

Trade and Sale

Successful trade and sale – particularly with countries outside the European Union – require a smooth transaction of shipments and profound knowledge of the regulatory environment. The same holds true as to imports from abroad. Basis for a lasting commercial success are first and foremost contracts that provide legal certainty.


GERMELA CORPLEGAL counsels domestic and international companies of all industries as to the structuring of their trade relations and the enforcement of their rights. Our team consisting of experts in many industries, lawyers, business consultants and tax advisors works in an interdisciplinary fashion and develops the optimal strategy for your project.


Logistics moves us: As one of the most important industries this business sector has an extraordinary need for industry-specific legal consulting. The profound and fast change in the logistics industry confronts this sector with a string of legal challenges. In times of increasing globalization successful logistics require complex and interdisciplinary thinking in overall contexts. The implementation of logistics systems is a fundamental challenge – for all companies active along the value-added chain as well as for the providers of logistical services.


GERMELA CORPLEGAL supports domestic and international companies of the logistics and transport sector. We are your professional point of contact for logistics contracts, outsourcing, liability and insurance topics, cooperation agreements and transactions.

Banking and finance

Banking and finance – business success by targeted measures In view of an increasingly complex market environment and continuing turbulences in the global capital markets, integrated counseling becomes a decisive factor for the structuring of transactions. Aspects of fiscal, competitive and regulatory law are paramount to commercial success of companies, banks and financial service providers.


GERMELA CORPLEGAL counsels you as to all questions regarding the financing of your projects – from financing enterprises and projects to financing the export/import of goods. Tailor-made concepts – counseling by experienced experts Our experts in the banking and financing field command comprehensive domestic and international expertise and work out tailor-made concepts and model financing. Supported by our large network we are able to offer you services in more than 20 countries – focusing on the European, Asian & MENA region. We help you to be successful.


Medical care will always be the focal point of interest in a modern society. This is one of the reasons why the healthcare sector is one of the commercial industries that enjoys the biggest growth both domestically and internationally. At the same time, however, it is one of the most tightly regulated economic fields and is subject to fundamental changes in the law almost annually. In the healthcare industry the most diverse group of market participants is batched together, like hospitals, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, practitioners and laboratories, pharmacies, rehabilitation and care institutions, pharmaceutical wholesale businesses as well as suppliers and service providers.


For that reason our consultants look at the challenges in the healthcare field not only from the point of view of a legal advisor, but also from the entrepreneurial standpoint. Extensive networks – interdisciplinary counseling by experts Our interdisciplinary team of experts counsels you at the interfaces of corporate, tax and medical law as well with regard to regulatory issues. Aside from the pharmaceutical and medical engineering sectors, our consulting also comprises formation of medical care centers as well as projects of developing and financing hospitals. Likewise, the development and implementation of quality management procedures in the healthcare industry are also part of our services.


Based upon a deep understanding of the industry combined with legal specialization, GERMELA CORPLEGAL is able to provide a broad consulting spectrum. In addition, in the international context we are able to rely upon grown networks in the respective target region.

Real Estate

Globalization increasingly shapes the real estate market and confronts the actors in this industry with new challenges. GERMELA CORPLEGAL offers extensive and practice-oriented advice as to all aspects of real estate law. Our practice group “real estate” consists of experienced lawyers and specialized industry experts. Our focal point is comprehensive and target-oriented counseling of the real estate industry.


Besides domestic and foreign institutional investors we counsel project developers, contractors and financial industry enterprises as to the development and realization of projects and the sale and acquisition of real estate objects. On the international level we offer you a one-stop consultation. Our global network of leading law firms assures the required expertise and know-how for international real estate transactions and offers you tailor-made solutions.